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update on coheed and cambria!

March 22 is a mere 10 days away.  Have you preordered the Coheed and Cambria:  Live at the Starland Ballroom DVD yet?  There's tons of places to do it...  including:  Best Buy, Circuit City, Sony and Tower Records.

The DVD comes with a cd that has all of the audio from the same show - August 20, 2004.  The 92 Cent show...  It was a great show...  Believe me, I was there.  Anyway, there's also a bonus section of the DVD which has all of the videos thus far ("Devil in Jersey City," "A Favor House Atlantic" and "Blood Red Summer"), some footage from the 2004 Skate and Surf Festival in Asbury Park (I was there too, amazing performance) and apparently there's also an interview about the new album.

     "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3"
     "Delirium Trigger"
     "A Favor House Atlantic"
     "The Crowing"
     "Devil In Jersey City"
     "Blood Red Summer"
     "Everything Evil"
     "Time Consumer"
     "Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow)"
     "The Light & The Glass
  Bonus Features:
     * 5.1 Surround Sound Mix of Live Concert (DVD Only)
     * "Devil In Jersey City" video
     * "A Favor House Atlantic" video
     * "Blood Red Summer" video
     * "Blood Red Summer" - making of the video
     * Four Live songs from the 2004 Skate and Surf Festival, Asbury Park, NJ
     - "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3"
     - "Devil In Jersey City"
     - "A Favor House Atlantic"
     - "Blood Red Summer"
     * Band interviews 
  Special 2nd Bonus Disc
      * Full audio CD of the live DVD Content

***sony has run out of the free Coheed and Cambria poster with order***
the only perk about ordering through Sony is that if your order is more than $25 you get free shipping and if you use a Visa credit/check card and use the code "SHOPVISA" you get 15% off.

March 22 is also the release date of Weerd Science's debut album:  Friends and Nervous Breakdowns.  Weerd Science is Josh Eppard's (Co&Ca drummer) side band.  Members are:  Danny Ilchuk, Kwame Wiafe Akenten Jr (the Co&Ca merch guy!) and Dave (Wavis) Parker.  The album's being released on Equal Vision Records and you can head over there to find some more out about the album.  The official website and myspace.

There has also been some news on the re-release of the first comic The Bag Online Adventures:  The Second Stage Turbine Blade and the release of the second comic.  Expect the find the first comic in April at Hot Topic and Comic Book stores.  If your local Comic Book store does not have any information about the comic then just let them know that it is available from Diamond Distribution and is listed under "Evil Ink."  The second comic book is set to be released also in April and will be available online and in Hot Topic.  Comic Book Stores will have the comic in May.

so there's a lot of exciting shit coming up.  There are even some tour dates in England and Belgium.
     04/30 - Belgium - Groezrock
     05/02 - London, UK - Alexander Palace - Give It A Name Fest - Sold Out
     05/03 - Birmingham, UK - Academy 2 - w/ mewithoutYou, Mae
     05/04 - Glasgow, UK - DF Concerts - w/ mewithoutYou, Mae
     05/06 - Manchester, UK - MDH - w/ mewithoutYou, Mae
     05/07 - Cardiff, UK - Uni - w/ mewithoutYou, Mae
     05/08 - London, UK - Mean Fiddler - w/ mewithoutYou, Mae

remember kids, Cobalt and Calcium is the place to go for everything Coheed and Cambria.

                                                               cobalt and calcium
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